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About Mychael Darwin

Mychael Darwin believes that the most popular item in the American wardrobe should also be the best fitting.  That’s why we’ve taken years of experience designing bespoke luxury denim and placed all our secret ingredients into a new premium denim collection that masters the art of the perfect fit.  We first started by designing custom jeans for Hollywood stars and professional athletes looking for the perfect fit.  Today, every detail we’ve mastered by working on some of the most perfect bodies, we now bring to you in the new Mychael Darwin Jeans collection.

It all started when American luxury designer Mychael Darwin, who is best known for creating breathtaking custom apparel and accessories, made a pair of jeans for a girlfriend.  He fell in love…with the jeans and the girl.  He then traded designing couture gowns and suits for designing couture denim.  This birthed the beginning of Mychael Darwin Bespoke, where Mychael Darwin distinguished his high end one-of-a-kind denim with his most iconic trademarks such as custom Mychael Darwin .925 sterling silver buttons and rivets, 18-Karat gold and .999 platinum accents and other innovative denim details like hand embroidery, and laser-cut denim designs.

Mychael Darwin’s passion for creating the world’s most beautiful denim continues as he brings you his new ready to wear collection of premium denim inspired by the rich heritage of Mychael Darwin Bespoke.  Mychael Darwin’s mastery of FIT, FORM and FABRIC have given way to the introduction of Mychael Darwin Jeans.  This new ready to wear collection takes its inspiration from Mychael Darwin’s expertise as the Creative Director for Mychael Darwin Bespoke. Today, Mychael Darwin Bespoke introduces its sister brand—Mychael Darwin Jeans— where life is truly beautiful when you have the perfect fit. A brand that gives you the quality, the fit and the form one would expect from our bespoke beginnings. 

Mychael Darwin has worked with several of the most prestigious design luminaries in the world including the late legendary men’s wear designer—Bijan and contemporary women’s couture designer—Kevan Hall.  Mychael Darwin has also served as an officially credentialed Costume Designer for the annual Golden Globe Awards.  In this coveted role, Mychael Darwin worked behind-the-scenes with celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sofia Vegara, Scarlett Johannson, Sandra Bullock, Paula Patton, Helen Mirren, Alicia Keyes, Julianne Moore, Olivia Wilde, Vanessa Williams, Robert Downey, Jr., and January Jones.

Mychael Darwin is the creator of Leathergenix©—a patent-pending revolutionary leather printing technique that prints any high-precision color artwork or image onto leather flawlessly. Leathergenix©  is honed from years of research and fine artisanal leather craftsmanship to create stunning graphic designs printed on premium leather for remarkable leather apparel, footwear, home décor, and custom leather auto, aviation, and nautical interiors. Watch for new collection releases from Mychael's exclusive leather works, Fall 2014.