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Life is Beautiful by Mychael Darwin » STYLE

  • // Upclose & Personal with Lifestyle Photographer Liza Rosales //

    Posted: Jul 13 2014

    Photography like fashion is a creative canvas that captures the human spirit.  The fusion of fashion with photography--I find inspirational.  Good photographers know how to capture beauty in an instant.  I recently sat down with my talented friend Liza Rosales, a lifestyle photographer that has an eye for fashion and beauty.   MD: What do you love about photography?                                                                                                                                                                                        ...
  • MD Style

    Posted: Jun 16 2014

    It’s been a long road to get here.  And we are finally here, sharing with you what we love—denim.  We started this journey some years ago.  It all started in “Home Ec.”  I tried to catch the eye of a cute girl in “home ec” class, and instead fashion caught mine.  I even switched majors—from architecture to fashion.  It wasn’t really a hard switch—to move from designing buildings to designing for the greatest temple ever created—the human body.  Fast forward to today, and our new curated Mychael Darwin Jeans collection brings you the best in luxury premium denim.  We know how to make the perfect fit from years of making bespoke denim.   Yeah, who knew there was such a thing—custom high-end jeans.  We did! We’ve been doing it for years—before it was trendy.  Over the years we have made our mark by building great fitting custom jeans designed for...