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Helping Others... is Beautiful.

Giving invaluable life skills, experiences and resources to nonprofit organizations is one of our passions.

Even from our most humble beginnings, we have partnered with nonprofits making a difference in the lives of people.  People are the epitome of this world's great design, and we believe life is beautiful because of the human spirit.  We give to organizations that give life through the Mychael Darwin Foundation.

The Mychael Darwin Foundation’s mission is twofold:first, to help develop talent behind the seams in the fashion industry—we work with such youth from underprivileged communities to provide them with real job skills within the fashion industry through apprenticeships, internships and educational scholarships.  Second, we partner with innovative nonprofit organizations that are doing cool things to make life more beautiful for people in need.  For more information on charitable giving partnerships or how how we might consider your cause as a seasonal recipient of our giving, please use our contact form.